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Submission Rules

Permission and consent:

In order to submit a media to Friday Afternoons please make sure that you have secured consent from the parent or legal guardian of EVERY child that features in your upload. Parents/legal guardians must consent to the child being filmed and consent to you sharing the recording with Friday Afternoons and, if selected by Friday Afternoons, for selected performances to be featured on the Friday Afternoons website, and its social media accounts.

If you would like to, you can download and print out this template letter to distribute to parents to help them understand what you would like to do. Please make sure you act within the policies and procedures of your own school or group.

We advise you to secure consent BEFORE filming so that you can be sure only children whose parents/legal guardians have consented are involved in the filmed performance.

Rules for submission:

  • your submission must not include any copyright material (e.g. commercially available music, stock stills or footage)
  • content must be uploaded by adults (submissions from children will not be accepted)
  • no advertising or product placement
  • no nudity
  • no swearing


You can record your film or audio with the equipment you may already have in school such as:

  • tablet or smartphone
  • compact stills camera
  • camcorder

Setting up the shoot:

  • if possible use a tripod to keep your camera steady as this will ensure better results
  • if you have a separate microphone and your camera has a microphone socket, you will get much better sound
  • make sure the environment in which you are recording is free of extraneous noise
  • if you are using only one camera, make sure you have a wide enough shot to include all children who are performing
  • make sure there is as much light as possible

We are not looking for professionally recorded films but are keen for you to capture the children's enthusiasm and creativity.