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The Song Bank houses all of our songs alongside the many resources available. LOG IN or REGISTER to access these. Please note, the Difficulty indicator is a guideline – if you aren’t sure which songs to sing with your group, simply get in touch.

Our signed videos, created by Dr Paul Whittaker OBE, enable those with hearing loss to engage with the Friday Afternoons project. These videos are ideal for class teachers and students to learn to sign the songs, with notes to explain the decisions taken in translating the words to sign.

Watch an Introduction to British Sign Language with Dr Paul Whittaker OBE | Read notes on signing the songs

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Song / Composer Length Signing Difficulty Teaching Video Performance Video
Earth by Russell Hepplewhite 1'41" 2 of 5 Tick Tick
Language by Russell Hepplewhite 2'05 2 of 5 Tick Tick
A tragic story by Benjamin Britten 1'54" 3 of 5 Tick Tick
Fire! by Jonathan Dove 2'23" 1 of 5 Tick Tick
It Was a Lover and His Lass by Errollyn Wallen 3'58" 4 of 5 Tick Tick
It’s a Quarter to Nine by Errollyn Wallen 0'59" 2 of 5 Tick Tick
Laura by Jonathan Dove 2'06" 3 of 5 Tick Tick
Old Abram Brown by Benjamin Britten 4'23" 1 of 5 Tick Tick
Orford Lighthouse by Zoe Dixon 1'59" 2 of 5 Tick Tick
Skye Boat Song by Rachel Portman 3'26" 3 of 5 Tick Tick
Snow by Jonathan Dove 1'54" 2 of 5 Tick Tick
The Lighthouse Keeper by Errollyn Wallen 3'19" 3 of 5 Tick Tick
Warm Summer Sun by Nico Muhly 2'10" 2 of 5 Tick Tick
Winter-Time by Nico Muhly 2'33" 4 of 5 Tick Tick