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The Song Bank houses all of our songs alongside the many resources available. LOG IN or REGISTER to access these. Please note, the Level indicator is a guideline – if you aren’t sure which songs to sing with your group, simply get in touch.

Created by RNIB, our Braille/MSN resources are designed to help visually impaired young people access the Friday Afternoons songs. To learn more about these resources and other accessible formats, visit the RNIB website.
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Song Composer Year Level
Fast Car Jonathan Dove 2016 Easy
It's a Quarter to Nine Errollyn Wallen 2017 Easy
Lonely Dog Errollyn Wallen 2017 Easy
Money's Funny Errollyn Wallen 2017 Medium
Star Errollyn Wallen 2017 Easy
The Baby Errollyn Wallen 2017 Medium
The OK Song Errollyn Wallen 2017 Slightly harder
Haunted Head Luke Styles 2017 Medium
Laura Jonathan Dove 2016 Medium
Mad Moon Jonathan Dove 2016 Medium
My Homework Is A Monster Luke Styles 2017 Slightly harder
Tattoo Negotiations Luke Styles 2017 Challenge yourself
The Little Girl of Rain Jonathan Dove 2016 Easy
The Surprising Scary Horror of the Cafe, The Castle and the Jungle Luke Styles 2017 Challenge yourself
This is the Bird Jonathan Dove 2016 Medium
Three Birds Jonathan Dove 2016 Medium
Valentine Luke Styles 2017 Slightly harder
Where Does The Easter Bunny Live? Luke Styles 2017 Challenge yourself