Dragon Fruit Dragon (unison)

Vocal difficulty: 1 of 5


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A blog from Musical Director of Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir Daniel Fields, discussing what was involved to bring Dragon Songs to life.

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Lyric video for Dragon Fruit Dragon by Joanna Lee and Andy Shepherd, with performance track

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A spotlight on Joanna Lee and Andy Shepherd, featuring a Zoom interview with Lucy Drever

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Friday Afternoons Ambassador Charles MacDougall shows us some techniques on how to encourage your singers to sing more smoothly, with legato.

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Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Charlotte Brosnan and Dominic Ellis-Peckham demonstrate some techniques to help with singing high notes.

Other Song Information

Song Credits

Music by
Joanna Lee

Words by
Andy Shepherd

Performance track:
Performed by Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir
Directed by Daniel Fields
Accompanied by Caroline Clemmow
Recorded by Mike Challis
Backing track:
Performed by Nathan Williamson
Recorded by Mike Challis

Music by Joanna Lee
Text by Andy Shepherd