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Video highlights from around the world on 22 November

2 December 2013

We've had many great videos submitted by schools and choirs on and since our event on the 22 November. Here's a selection, showing the diversity of the events and how far and wide it spread;

Meadows Primary School

One of our first events was Meadows Primary School, Melbourne Australia who held their event at 4am(GMT)

Live streaming begins in the UK

In the UK, our first live stream was held at 10.00am by West Sussex Music Service, who had put together a 'virtual choir' from recordings of school children around West Sussex.

Suffolk children sing at Aldeburgh Music

At Aldeburgh Music, where the project began, 650 school children from Suffolk schools sang in the Snape Maltings Concert Hall;

The most northerly event takes place

Our most northerly event took place at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness, where local school children gathered to sing

Cambridgeshire Music Service held an event at The Cambridge Corn Exchange

Jersey Academy of Music

While in the south of the UK, Jersey Academy of Music also gave a live-stream of their event

1913 children sang together in Bristol

The largest event of the day was held at Colston Hall in Bristol. There, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra played host to 1913 school children

Friday Afternoons returned to its home in Wales

At the place where Friday Afternoons first took place - Walshaw Lodge, Prestatyn a special rendition of the songs was arranged

More local schools from Suffolk joined in

Sidegate Primary, St. Helen's Primary and St. John's Primary Schools in Ipswich combined for a performance

800 hundred pupils of the Royal Hospital School in London took part

Here's a clip of them singing Old Abram Brown

Ardingly College from West Sussex held an event in their Chapel

Ursulinenschule Koln performed 'Jazz Man'

Complete with one-man band!

America saw events in many places, including:

Greater Baton Rouge Children's Chorus

St. James's Children's Choir in Richmond, Virginia

And that's just a few of the total number of events that happened on or around the Friday 22 November 2013. We can safely say that this was the biggest event of Britten's Centenary, so thanks again to everyone who took part for making it a really special event. It's not too late to upload your own video if you haven't already; if we've missed you out in our round-up, please let us know by dropping us a line via our contact form