Pleasant and Delightful by Paul Sartin

Vocal difficulty: 2 of 5

About the Composer

Oboist, singer, traditional violinist, competent pianist and swanee whistle virtuoso, Paul is a prolific and highly-regarded performer, composer, arranger and teacher. He is a founding member of the award- and nomination-winning ensembles – Belshazzar’s Feast, Faustus and the late Bellowhead, and also appears in Made in the Great War and with Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings. Musical Director of the Andover Museum Loft Singers, in 2017 he will be appearing in, as well as directing the music for a new production of Peter Bellamy’s ballad opera The Transports.


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Song Credits

Words and melody traditional
Collected in Suffolk from the Traditional Singer Jumbo Brightwell, by Neil Lanham
Arrangement by Paul Sartin

Performance Track
Performed by the Farnham Youth Choirs - Junior Choir
Directed by Patrick Barrett
Accompanied by Anthony Merryweather
Recorded by Mike Challis

Piano Backing Track
Performed by Nathan Williamson
Recorded by Mike Challis