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Ryedale School Year 7 and 8s

Details About the Event

After the success of joining in last year, the whole of Year 7 and 8, supported by 9 Music Group 1 at Ryedale School (260 singers in total), will join together to perform all twelve songs. Songs such as Manin' Neighba will be sung by everyone, others such as Clash and Bang and The Ash Grove will be sung by year groups. A smaller choral group will take on the challenge of Baiskeli, and three songs, Lady on the Mountain, Nicky Tams and The Two Brothers will be performed as duets. We are really looking forward to participating again, and it will give our classroom music lessons a real sense of purpose throughout November. We will be with everyone else in spirit on November 28th, but because our school hall isn't available on that day, we will be a week behind you all, on Friday 5th December.


Ryedale School Hall



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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - The Unthanks
The Two Brothers - Nico Muhly
The Devil and the Ploughman - John Woolrich
The Ash Grove - Benjamin Britten
Manin’ Neighba - Jason Yarde
Lady on the Mountain - Jon Boden
Clash and Bang - Talvin Singh
Nicky Tams - Sally Beamish
Oliver Cromwell - Benjamin Britten
Skye Boat Song - Rachel Portman
Orford Lighthouse - Zoe Dixon
Baiskeli - Gwyneth Herbert