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Turner Sims Concert Hall

Details About the Event

The Britten Stream is a major project devised and coordinated by Turner Sims and its Music Hub Partners in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. Children from Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton will sing a selection of the songs from the cycle in a live event streamed from Turner Sims. Their performance will be streamed to other schools across the country, who will join in singing with the final song. The event will also see the premiere of three new short films reflecting the associations of the local area with Britten and his music: Britten sailed from Southampton to America in 1939, leaving the city by boat with tenor Peter Pears. Britten’s first teacher and mentor Frank Bridge came to Southampton with his wife to see them off, and to present Britten with his viola, a good luck parting gift from one of the most influential people in his life. Teacher and pupil were never to meet again as Bridge died in 1941, a year before Britten returned. Britten wrote music to accompany many film documentaries in the 1930s looking at aspects of British working life. The Way to the Sea was produced in 1936, and combines Britten’s music with the words of Anglo-American poet WH Auden in a depiction of the electrification of the Portsmouth to London railway line. City and seaside are central to a magically engaging film. English writer Izaak Walton (1593 - 1683) is author of the words for Britten’s Song 8 (Fishing Song). Buried in Winchester Cathedral and with a window dedicated to him within the building, he is best known for his book on the art of fishing The Compleat Angler. First published in 1853, it has become a classic work for enthusiasts, and declares that Hampshire exceeds all England for swift, shallow, clear, pleasant brooks, and store of Trouts.


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