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Northamptonshire Music Hub

Details About the Event

Each primary school will be performing one song from the Friday Afternoon 2015 song list. During rehearsals they will be developing their performance through layering of vocal percussion and sound effects while using projected images or film to focus the theme. The theatre venue will be providing lighting for any school that wants to add this element. All performers will then perform ‘Rain’ with their own unique movement/tableau. The students from Northampton School for Girls will have completed a workshop on ‘Rain’ during the day and will also perform with the primary school students. We are looking at the possibility of adding a digital link with our partner hub in Rutland for the performance of Rain and will be using the backing track provided for this performance. The project is being coordinated by Beth Hodgson, Head of Vocal Studies NMPAT and supported by Northampton School for Girls, Lings Primary, Headlands Primary, Ecton Brook Primary, Abington Vale Primary and Weston Favell Primary.


20th November 2015 1300-1600



Number of Participants